“Final Fantasy XIII” main character Lightning, 
who also made an appearance in the Play Arts KAI series,
makes her debut in her gorgeous new “FINAL FANTASY XIII-2” costume! We hope you enjoy all of the beautiful detail that were delicately sculpted, including her armor gallantly shining, wings that gently spread, translucent skin, and flowing hair. 

Her shell-shaped armor and ornate decorations are just a part of the details that were put into the thorough recreation of this character. In addition, the textures and coloring have been have been meticulously reproduced to enhance the look and feel of the materials. 

A click style joint is incorporated in the wrist, and a swing style joint in the shoulder. This allows the intricately crafted sword to be held at a low, middle or upper stance. She can take on a wide range of action poses. 

With flexible material of the pants parts and the double joints in the knees, she can be put into action poses, including squatting. 

The calmness of the armor with the extravagant feathers that flow down from her left hip gives a finished look that combines sexiness and majesty. 


-Alternate Hands 

Size: Size: W95㎜×D70㎜×H210㎜  Weight:120g
Design: PVC