Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013





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 Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013 (formerly PeachTree) delivers the efficiency your business requires whether you're after rapid expansion, steady growth, or maintaining stability. This comprehensive solution lets you easily manage customer contacts and sales, customize inventory and vendor management, automate purchasing and shipping, track jobs and projects, and more!

Cinch the deal with a new customer by guaranteeing next day delivery - you know exactly what inventory is available
Successfully launch a new product - you can easily identify and market to your most loyal and profitable customers
Accurately determine the best course of action for reducing costs - you can create custom reports and "what if" scenarios using real-time data from Sage 50
Become more efficient and productive while managing your business with customer, vendor, and inventory management centers, and screen-level security with multi-user options
  • Maintain accountability with audit trail reporting
  • Accounting tools to get the job done -
  • Manage depreciation for up to 200 fixed assets
  • Control job revenue and expense at the phase and cost code level
  • Business Status Center
  • Vendor Management Center
  • Customer Management Center
  • Inventory and Services Management Center
  • Improved Decision Making
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