Rescue Your Vinyl 4 (PC)








Transport your favorite music into the digital age!

Everything you need is included - so you can digitize your LPs right away!
The included premium phono preamp (with cable adapter) ensures a direct connection between the PC and the record player, and is also optimally suited for cassette decks - no stereo system required. This way you quickly and easily get to lossless recordings in just several seconds - whether on a PC or a laptop.
Get started without delay:
Start recording with just one click and listen to the results immediately.
Recording volume is set automatically or can be manually adjusted. No worries: Overmodulation, record artifacts, noise, hissing, clicks and humming are history, thanks to automatic sound optimization!
Hey presto!
Securely burned to an audio CD or exported as an MP3 and converted into any number of audio formats.
  • Transport your favorite music into the digital age!
  • Digitize LPs, save tapes on CD and more
  • Audio editing support right from the beginning
  • NEW! Turbo Tape: Easily restore cassette recordings with High Speed Dubbing
  • EASIER! Fully automatic noise removal
  • IMPROVED! Over 60 new sound optimization presets
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