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Game Description:

By the archipelagos of the Goethe Sea located in south of Greek, Adol is on a passenger ship called “The Lombardia” that is headed from Xandria to the continent of Eresia. However, the ship is attacked and sunk by a giant creature, and Adol wakes up, he realizes he is on the shores of the cursed island, known as “Seiren Island.”

In Ys VIII, there are three main attack attributes of “Slash,” “Hit,” and “Shoot.” Each with their own characteristics, the damage will vary depending on enemy strengths and weaknesses.

  • Slash: Slash attacks are best used against enemies with soft bodies and can absorb impact hits.
  • Hit: Hit-type attribute are attacks that deal damage through impact. These are best used against enemies with tough shell-like attributes.
  • Shoot: Attack types with long reach to fight in mid to long-range battle. While they may not be as strong as Slash and Hit attacks, they’re able to hit zippy enemies with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Break: A new feature that revolves around hitting enemies with an attack of their attribute of weakness, causing them to enter a Break status. When in Break Status, the enemy becomes weak against all three attributes. Additionally, Break status can make monsters drop rare items, and also drop flying enemies, among other bonuses.
  • Flash Guard: By pressing a button to time against an enemy’s attack, you can activate the “Flash Guard.” When performed successfully, it’ll completely nullify all enemy attacks, and will also make all of the player character’s attacks into critical hits for a period of time.
  • Flash Move: A “Flash Move” activates when you perform an evasive action right before an enemy attack hits. When activated, it’ll temporarily put the enemy’s movement in slow motion.
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