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Dragon Quest Heroes 2 (PSV)


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Game Description:

On the day the dragon eats the sun, the twins will be born, and the land will be covered in war once again.

The setting of Dragon Quest Heroes II‘s story is seven kingdoms that have seen continued peace over a long period. However, that balance suddenyl crumbles one day, and war breaks out. It’s as if the events are following an ominous prophecy handed down from ancient times…

Razel, who is studying at the military academy in Orenka, and Tereshia, who comes to Orenka wanting to visit Razel, in the wake of the battle between their homeland of Gywall and Orenka, get caught up in the giant battle that covers the world. Can the heroes stop a giant war involving seven countries? Large armies of monsters square off against each other, and the battle finally began.

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