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Le Tour De France Season ProCycling Manager (PS4)


Focus Home Interactive



Focus Home Interactive





Game Description:
Become the sports manager of a professional cycling team and take part in a great 2016 season packed with new features that will let you travel the world in over 200 cycling events (550 stages) culminating in the famous Tour de France 2016.
As the manager, it's up to you to coordinate every aspects of a team's life: recruiting, negotiating contracts with cyclists and sponsors, managing staff, training and handling the race calendar...you role will also be crucial during the races themselves since you will need to make real time key decision during the different stages!

Start a season by yourself or organize online competitions against virtual managers from all over the world. Sahre your own content using Steam Workshop (races, backgrounds, jerseys, equipment...) in order to constantly renew your exprience in Pro Cycling Manager. 

  • Richer and more immersive Pro Cyclist Mode - with more developed relationships and interactions between you, your manager and your teammates. As the leader, know how to guide your teammates. As a teammates, do your best to meet your leader's needs!
  • Overhaul of the multiplayer mode - for an ultra complete experience that includes creating competitions, races, specific rules, leader boards, cooperative mode...and the ability to compete against players from allover the world
  • Improved Career Mode - with a new objective system in which you will have to reconcile your sponsor's objectives and your star rider's desires
  • More realistic - thanks to graphics enhancements, new backgrounds and sceneries, a clearer interface, improved conveying of information for better decision making, and a more advanced AI that takes into greater consideration cyclists' physiological abilities, shape, and behaviors during breakaways
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