Nintendo New 3DS XL HORI NES Retro hard pouch (Black)




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This stylish travel case for the Nintendo NEW 3DS XL features classic NES colors and a rubberized 3D rendering of the classic NES controller. Light yet tough and durable, this travel case will protect your Nintendo NEW 3DS XL, Nintendo 3DS XL, or other Nintendo 3DS and DS models from dirt, scratches, and wear. An elastic strap holds your system firmly in place, and there are pockets for up to six Nintendo 3DS or DS game cards and one stylus. Perfect for classic Nintendo fans! Nintendo NEW 3DS XL not included.


• Holds one NEW 3DS XL or 3DS XL system

• Pockets for up to six 3DS or DS game cards and extra stylus

• Protects system from dirt, scratches, and wear

• Light yet durable with system holding strap

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